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FESTIVAL VOLUNTEERS ONLY* - In exchange for a weekend festival ticket volunteers are expected to work on both the friday 13th and Saturday 14th January for a total of 6 hours split between the 2 days or all on one day.
You are volunteering for a weekend festival ticket
ALL OTHER VOLUNTEERS - Volunteering during the summer school/festival training involves 5 hours per day, which allows you 3 meals per day plus camping.
Please note that we don't exchange volunteering for classes
When do you want to volunteer?
Week 1 - International training project ( 1st Jan – 6th January) You must be available to start from the 1st January otherwise your application will not be accepted. Week 2 - International training project plus festival weekend ( 07th January-13th January)You must be available to start from the 7th January otherwise your application will not be accepted. The Whole Shebang - This is our core volunteer group starting any time between 27th Dec and 1st January and continuing until the end of the festival. You'll make new friends, become part of the circus team and be a key member of creating a great festival. As part of this group you will not be able to participate in classes however you can attend the morning warm up and the end of day handstand fitness class.
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Have you got an Australian bar ticket (RSA)? - If yes, do you prefer bar work?
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Have you got experience in a commercial kitchen ? - cooking, food prep, dish washing etc
Have you got cleaning experience? - If yes, are you willing to be one of the cleaning team?
Please indicate which general area you’d like to be involved in. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you’ll be working in your preferred area, but we’ll do our utmost.
Would you be a good team leader? Would you be interested in taking on a team leadership position?
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