The biggest venue in our portfolio. Requires a leveled area of 40m x 40m. It uses steel heavy duty pegs as anchor points but can be set up with concrete blocks if necessary. Comes with a 12.5m x 6.4m deep (1m height) stage as shown in the diagram. A backdrop for the stage is available if required.

Various seating configurations available including fully tiered seating or cabaret style. Full rigging capabilities at 8m above stage. Audio and Lighting available on request.

Technical Specs

Internal Size: 28.4m x 26.2m

Exterior colour: White with red sidewalling

Interior colour: White blackout

Material: PVC Water & Fireproof

Top height: 11.3m

Wall height: 3.2m


Standing: 846 @ 2 person to 1m2 in the public area

Seated: 600 Footprint: 39m x 39m

Floor space: 635 m2

Public area: 423m2

Stage area: 80m2

Backstage area: 132m2

Structure: 2 King poles

2 Queen poles

18 side poles

24 anchor points

This is a stunning venue! Please get in touch if you need any further information.