Shows to delight


The Lunar Experience

Shows to delight audiences of all ages. Are you looking for a 30  minute comedy acrobatic show, an M.C for a nights entertainment or a full Lunar Circus Show to wow your festival goers?

The Lunar Circus Show

Acrobatics, crazy contortion beautiful trapeze and incredible juggling


The Lunar Circus Show has wowed audiences throughout the world for the past 15 years. It’s most certainly a show to remember suitable for your community. Combine a show with a community project and turn the kids (or adults) of your town into the circus stars themselves!

The show can be tailored to your size and budget and can come with one of our own venues to suit your audience and needs.

The Fatt Matt Show

Coming from the other side of the planet, Matt has a few problems knowingwhich way is up and which way is down.Acrobatic comedy combined with incredible dexterity help create some bizarre stunts that defy gravity – in fact they defy all reason!

Watch the man with the pinkest clothes in show business play tunes whilst standing on his head, balance multiple eggs on a chopstick and perform a heart stopping hand balancing routine atop a precarious stack of 16 glasses!

one arm handstand

The Fatt Matt Show is ideal for all ages. It’s a great addition for family fun at any event!

Please get in touch if you need any further information.