• absolutely fantastic! Having had no exposure to the circus 9 months ago to being dropped in has been fantastic for all of us. We had a really warm feel with the campers & crew, so lovely to see so many happy people.

  • We spent a week here, with my 5 year old participating in Captain Fatso’s circus fun and oh what fun it was! It was such a fantastic atmosphere for the whole family and a great way for kids of all ages (even grown up ones) to be active in a supportive, engaging and positive environment. Thanks Lunar Circus, we will see you next year.

  • Our family had a FABULOUS week and will recommend the circus school to many families. The kids training was amazing, all the instructors were fantastic and so skilled at their areas. We loved joining in learning the flash mob dance and felt very welcomed into the camp. Our kids were exhausted after the week and never once asked for ipads or television which was great.

  • Our summer school 7th and this year both kids are in unlimited, literally running from class to class lapping up every moment. My son is surrounded by the most inspiring male role models, acquiring those transferable life skills such as resilience, persistence and perseverance and most of all dedication! What a wonderful opportunity for our little men of the future to be part of such a rewarding creative process to see how you can apply beauty, aesthetics, humor and wonder in everything you do! My daughter is equally gifted by the support and guidance from such amazing strong and empowered women, in our world where women are constantly objectified these incredible artists emphasize the essence of self expression and agency. Thank you Lunar circus crew and see you next year!!!!

  • Amaaaaaaazing!!!! I had so much fun, worked with the best crew ever, I learned so much as well! I loved every little thing, all the performances were incredible!!! You guys rock Life should be a Circus!!!! Tks for the opportunity

  • For kids AND adults they are the VERY BEST!!! My grandchildren have been involved for years & absolutely LOVE it & they’ve learnt some amazing skills!! I can’t recommend them enough. We are so very lucky to have them almost on our doorstep. Thank you Fatt Matt & all the team.

  • It was a real privilege to be surrounded by so much talent and the opportunity for the students to be inspired by it all and have so much fun.

  • Lunar circus summer school was the highlight of our holidays!

  • Luckily after the first year after Esteban told his school friends that Fatso was his dad, the rumours have stopped! But ultimately what underlies that gorgeous little white lie is the fact that the circus for me and my family provides positive male role models, and of course female role models but in particular male where my little boy can see healthy, happy, expressive, entertaining, caring, compassionate and most of all non- violent, non competitive, un macho men pursuing their art with passion and charisma!

  • The warm ups were hilarious and even though our daughter couldn’t do all the skills, she participated and tried really hard. It brought out the best in her.

  • Truly inspired!

  • You will be seeing us again! This was our fourth summer circus school and again it was wonderful. The site is ever expanding and this year I have to say the facilities were wonderfully sparkling and clean!

  • We gave our grand daughter the class on the high trapeze (as a Christmas gift) and both she and we could not have been happier

Come and experience it all for yourselves
You won’t regret it
It’s awesome!

See you in Karridale