The smallest venue in our portfolio. The Pink Flamingo is a miniature Big Top 13.5 m x 9.6 m and 7 m high, finished with a beautiful high peaked white top and pink sidewalls. The Pink Flamingo can seat around 150 people for an intimate show in this fantastic boutique venue. Also available in the U.K!

Audio and Lighting available on request.

Technical Specs

Size: 13.5m x 9.6m

Exterior colour: White with Pink tops

Interior colour: White blackout

Material: PVC Water & Fireproof

Top height: 8m

Wall height: 2.6m

Capacity: 192 @ 2 person to 1m2

Footprint: 17m x 13m

Floor space: 96 m2

Structure: 2 King poles

14 side poles

14 anchor points

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