On site Camping is now limited

zebra tent lunar circus camping


In our ongoing efforts to enhance the 2025 International Training Project and Karnidale, we’re making some adjustments based on valuable feedback and infrastructure considerations.
Due to the site being at full capacity, in 2025 we will be limiting onsite camping spaces to prioritize the needs of our training participants.
Regretfully, we are discontinuing the additional camper option and replacing it with a companion ticket option. The companion ticket will be $275 for 5 days which includes camping, access to morning yoga, end-of-day handstands, and dance classes.
We realise this will affect some more than others hence us letting you know early so you can prepare. For those seeking alternatives, nearby camping sites are available and volunteering opportunities will be available.
Despite these necessary adjustments, our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience remains paramount. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every participant, especially our valued training participants, receives the attention and resources they need to make the most of their Karnidale experience.

For participants Onsite camping in your own tent can still be part of this amazing circus experience at a price of just $100 for 5 days if you are booked in for unlimited training.

Power is not available for camp sites. There are facilities for washing pans and a shower and toilet block.
Food packages can be pre purchased where you have the choice of healthy and delicious restaurant meals, wood fired pizzas or burgers and fish and chips from the cafe.

There is a strict ban on camp fires as there is a total fire ban in January.